“I can't sell a house” 9 tips to sell it in a nutshell



I can't sell a house, what can I do?" If this question is bothering you, and if you never want to ask it again, keep reading this article. Here we explain:

  • because sometimes people can't sell houses as soon as they would like
  • how to sell a house?
  • what to do if you are unable to sell your house

The crisis? The difficulty in obtaining a real estate loan? The unfavorable real estate market trends? You've heard them all, but you've also seen people who manage to sell a house in the blink of an eye. Why can't you do it? We understand what the most common problems are, and try to solve them.

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Why Can't I Sell a House?

You have decided to sell your apartment, and you have been placing it on the market for a year or more. Many people have visited it, but you have not yet managed to get to the preliminary sale. There is obviously something wrong. Let's try to understand what it is, and find a solution.

  1. The Private Sale

The brokerage commission to be paid to the real estate agency costs! For this reason, some people try to sell the house privately. They spread the word through friends and acquaintances, and carpet street lamps and bus stops with announcements. But buying a house from private individuals is very often risky. Buyers don't trust. Even if you have prepared all the documents to sell the house, and you have put them all in order, those who buy a house prefer the guarantees that only an agency can give.

The Solution: contact a real estate agency, which is able to guarantee the sale in a short time. There are.

  1. The Real Estate Agency Fails to Sell the House

Failing to sell a house is not your fault. Very often it is not you who sell the house directly, but your real estate agency takes care of the sale. Why is the agency unable to sell your property within a few months? It's simple: many agencies operate in a limited area, which often does not extend beyond one or two neighborhoods. Many agencies advertise apartments for sale through traditional channels, without making the most of the internet.

The Solution: Before relying on a real estate agency, study it and try to understand if it sells apartments and advertises only in the area, on a small scale. Or if it manages to reach a larger part of the market in the neighborhood, or even in the city.

  1. The Estimate of the Property Value

It's no secret: the more your property costs, the higher the brokerage fee. Therefore, in the real estate appraisal, some unscrupulous agents can “round up” the value of the property upwards. Is the property worth 400,000 euros? Here the value jumps to 480,000. But when trying to visit the property, the buyer often thinks that the price is excessive, and therefore turns elsewhere.

The Solution: take a look at the prices of the properties offered for sale by the agencies, to understand if the estimate of the value has been carried out correctly, or is excessive.

  1. The conditions and the state of maintenance of the property

Usually, those who are unable to sell a house are told that the property is probably in poor condition, in a poor state of maintenance, or that it is located in an unappetizing area. Except then see people who put dilapidated apartments on the market, and who manage to sell them to buyers willing to renovate them.

The solution: identify the problem well. In most cases, the problem is not you, nor is it your apartment. There is room for everyone on the real estate market.

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How can I manage to sell a house?

You may have already heard that it is necessary to lower the selling price of the property, or perhaps renovate it. However, the appraisal of the value of your property is realistic, the property is of medium level, is located in a very sought-after area, and your real estate agency is able to sell all the apartments in a short time. If you find yourself in this situation it can be useful to check the situation, and solve the most common problems.

  1. Did You Sell Full Ownership or Bare Ownership?

Those looking to buy a house generally want to live in it immediately, or even rent it out. So if the property is occupied by a usufructuary, and you are trying to sell bare ownership, rather than full ownership, the sale can be difficult.

  1. Is the property occupied by a tenant?

Also in this case the sale of the apartment is not impossible, but it takes longer. For some, buying an apartment already occupied by a tenant is a real godsend, as they have to save themselves the trouble of having to find a tenant, and can start earning additional income right away. But the needs of those looking for a home can sometimes be different, and many people want to live in the property right away.

  1. Are the Documents of the Property in Order?

Sometimes the sale of a house takes a long time to complete because the documents necessary to sell an apartment are not in order. This can happen in big cities, or even in small towns where everyone knows each other, and very often agreements are made by word of mouth. Maybe renovations or elevations of the property have been carried out, but the cadastral perimeter is not up to date. Or maybe an appurtenance or part of the property has been donated or granted in usufruct to another person, but the documentation is missing. Or there is no SCIA that certifies the practicability of the property, or other documents are missing.

  1. Are you Involved in a Divorce or Separation Proceedings?

After a separation, the joint marital home is usually assigned to the spouse with whom the minor children go to live. So if you are selling your marital home or second home just as you are about to separate or divorce, buyers are likely to prefer to look elsewhere. What happens if the buyer buys the house, but immediately after the deed the judge assigns the apartment to your spouse? Very often the interest of the family prevails over the interest of those who bought the house, and at best the buyer may have to wait up to 9 years before being able to use the property.

What Should I Do If I Can't Sell a House?

When it is not possible to sell a house, it is necessary to take stock of the situation, understand what the problems are, and how to solve them. The sale of a property involves three parties:

  • the seller, who usually finds himself taking on all the blame when an apartment remains on the market for more than a few months. But unless you choose to sell your property privately, the fault of a missed sale is not yours. If all the documentation of the property is in order and up-to-date, if the house is not burdened by mortgages or defects, if the apartment is vacant, if you are not undergoing separation or divorce proceedings, the problems must be sought elsewhere
  • the buyer, typically is the person who is blamed immediately after the owner. Because it is bidding too low. Because it demands too much. Or simply because you can't find a buyer. But if your agency has carried out the necessary checks on the buyer, if the person is solvent, if the price of the property is fair, and if the house is in good condition, the fault of the non-sale is certainly not the buyer's fault.
  • the real estate agency. We hear a lot about real estate agencies. But often real estate agencies are not to blame if they fail to sell the house. However, most of the real estate agencies operate in a limited area, and generally take care of traditional communication channels. Those who do not make the most of the internet often fail to reach all the people who really want to buy a house. Above all because, today, those who want to buy a house prefer to turn more and more to the network.